Well of Truth Bible Study and coaching

Wells of Truth

Peer-Based Bible Coaching

The purpose of Wells of Truth is to empower believers to learn how to study and apply the Bible by equipping them with simple and creative study tools and methods in order for them to become confident, discerning and mature in their faith.  I offer a six-week course, Bible Study Methods 101, that will guide the participant through various methods of study. This study can also be presented as a one-day workshop. If you'd like hold a workshop for your group contact me today.

Bible Study Methods 101

Week One- Initial Assesments

Week Two- Devotional Methods

Week Three- Word Study Tools & Techniques

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Week Four- Thematic Study Method

Week Five- Verse-by-Verse Study Method

Week Six- Review & Purpose Discovery

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Contact Laura about conducting a Bible Study Methods 101 with your group or for a personal coaching session.