As an Air Force veteran and a military spouse, I have been able to travel the country and abroad. During my travels I realized that as diverse as people are we all have one thing in common- we desire a sense of purpose and fulfillment. This realization was the catalyst for creating the 4-P Puzzle for Success Workshop. This workshop is designed to help you: discover your purpose, realize your untapped potential, understand and maximize the strengths of your personality, and create a viable plan for reaching your goals.




After struggling with my lack of biblical understanding, I embarked on a journey of personal spiritual development which led me to create "Wells of Truth" a  peer-Based Bible coaching workshop using skills learned as a trained Precepts Leader. I  created several home Bible study curriculums that have been used in small group studies. I have a heart to motivate believers into becoming life-long students of the Bible by equipping with them with tools and techniques to enable spiritual development and create a sense of awe and adventure when approaching their devotional and study time in the Word


I am the creator and coach of the Serious Writers’ Accountability Training (S.W.A.T.) Camp which is a writing and publishing camp for aspiring authors. w of the Lord- Psalm 119 DevArtJournal”. I have guided over 60 authors to publishing success.


I am a native of Toledo, Ohio and now reside in Chattanooga, TN.  I am married to Wayne Brown, and we have three children and three grandchildren.  One of my  favorite pastimes is dreaming of travel ideas for my  husband and me to share with our granddaughters, known as "Secret Pop Pop and Nanna Adventures."