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Below are a few of the topics you can request. I am always willing to design a message or workshop to fit your specific needs. You can be assured of a dynamic, engaging, and interactive presentation filled with light humor and delivered with passion and excellence.  For more information or to request an engagement, contact me today.

Discover the you that you were meant to be. You will learn how to operate in your original design to be fulfilled and make an impact in your surroundings.

Hiding Behind the Baggage- Discover your purpose and  the truth behind your hesitation to step up and step out and walk in your original design. Identify the baggage that keeps you hidden from the world and learn how to navigate the road to success with confidence.


Laughing at GodBe challenged to take your purpose seriously and learn to stop laughing at God's plans for you and learn to joyously laugh with God as you fulfill your purpose to impact the Earth.

T.E.A.M  Building for Success- Discover how to better understand yourself and others. Learn the dynamics of celebrating your strengths and cultivating your growth area.  You will learn how to build a successful T.E.A.M. to encourage, challenge, motivate and guide you to success.

Each person has distinct qualities that make them unique. Lack of undersatnding and appreciation of those qualities in oursselves and others can cause tension in our relationships at home, work, ministry and within ourselves.
We are born having possibility and power to impact the earth with our unique set of capabilities

The Call of the Mid-Wife- Discover the qualities of those called to assist others in birthing their potential. Get motivated and challenged to PUSH yourself to the limits of your untapped potential.


Dying to Give Birth- Be challenged to overcome obstacles to realizing your potential and learn how to PUSH your vision into reality.


Moving Forward- Learn the four "I' principles to conquer the stagnation and fear that keeps you from success.


The art of creating a method for the accomplishment of ideas or goals. You will walk away with a short-term and a long-term road map for your future and discover how to resolve issues that prevent your reaching your goals.

Planning for Success - Learn strategies to take control over excuses,

identify and eliminate false challenge and create solutions to overcome real challenges


The ART of Problem Solving- Using the S.O.L.V.E.S. method, you will be equipped to  identify the root cause of any problem and create solutions in every area of your life.

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