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How a Leader S.O.L.V.E.S. a Problem (PDF)

Download this indispensable, step-by-step chart to guide you in the problem solving process as seen in the Art of Problem Solving Workshop.


This workshop is informative, interactive and filled with useful techniques to create solutions for any problem you may encounter in your business, group, or personal life.


If you'd like me to conduct a workshop in your business or group contact me today.

 Potential Skills Analysis Worksheet (PDF)

Potential Skills Inventory - Used along with our unique Field Exploration Wheel (F.E.W.)©, you will inventory and explore your present personal skills in order to identify and create career viable opportunities. 

This method is designed to help you unlock your potential and design a successful career transition. Together, we will uncover your unique talents and interests and develop a clear vision and a strategic action plan to manifest your vision. The "Wheel" © will become your compass to success.

To discover how to activate your untapped potential and create viable paths of income schedule a FREE consultation session with me today.

Biblical Word Study Worksheet

This is an editable Word document to aid you in discovering and understanding the Hebrew and Greek meaning of words in the bible. I contains step-by-step instructions and can be used wihen do on-line word studies or using an actual concordance.

If you are interested in hosting a Wells of Truth Bible Study Methods workshop or one-on-one peer coaching contact me today for more information.

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