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Psalm 119 DevArtJournal
Delighting in the Law of the Lord
A Psalm 119 DevArtJournal & Coloring Book
 The DevArtJournal is a Bible study, devotional, creative journal, and prayer guide all wrapped into one unique workbook. It is designed to give you a basic overview of Psalm 119. Whether you are a seasoned student of God's word, a new believer, or somewhere in between, you will find this study useful in your private time with the word of God. If you or your study group are ready to see your bible study and prayer time take a unique and creative voyage and you want to discover the joy of adding color, creativity, and art to your study and prayer time, this is the book for you.

For an added experience, consider purchasing the companion coloring book prayer journal!

It Starts with Me contains self-reflection questions addressing various core areas of your life: identity, purpose, personal growth, lifestyle, beliefs, relationships, health, wealth, and worldview. 

51 ½ Shades of Brown is a collection of colorful, candid, humorous, and sometimes scandalous tales of an imperfectly-perfect marriage masterpiece.

Main Street Mondays was developed to help poets, writers, and people that want to write, get back to it. Many of the poems in this collection were created, spontaneously, during our sessions.

Voices Front Cover.jpg

2020 was the year that shook the world to its core.  The Voices from the Edge Anthology is a brilliant interpretation of the complexities of political divisions, racial and ethnic disparities, and socioeconomic inequalities.

Scarry Story Simple Black Front Cover.jpg

In Scarry Stories Tales from the Healed Side of Brokenness, diverse writers share stories that bear the markings of various wounds... the scars remain to tell their stories. They whisper their pains, shout their victories, and leave roadmaps as evidence of the healing process. We invite you along on the journey to the healed side of brokenness!

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