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4-P Puzzle for Success Workshop

and Pesonal Strategy Sessions


The 4-P Workshop is limited to six participants per workshop. This allows us to give personal attention to each attendant. Our Personal Strategy Sessions are done on a One-on-One basis and is focused 100% on you! You will get everything contained in the workshop with the added bonus of identifying FOUR pathways to career creation and creating action steps to pursue each one.

These personal sessions offer a more in-depth look into your potential skills and come with a NO COST follow-up session by phone, e-mail, or face-to-face meetings. With a personal strategy session with Coach Laura, you will delve deeper into your purpose, personality and potential skill to uncover the treasure hidden within you.


Purpose Discovery - Discover the you that you were meant to be. You will learn how to operate in your original design to be fulfilled and make an impact in your surroundings.


Potential Skills Inventory - Using our unique Field Exploration Wheel (F.E.W.)©, you will inventory and explore your present personal skills in order to identify and create career viable opportunities. 

This method is designed to help you unlock your potential and design a successful career transition. Together, we will uncover your unique talents and interests and develop a clear vision and a strategic action plan to manifest your vision. The "Wheel" © will become your compass to success.


Personality Assessment- Self-discovery tool that will enable you to better understand yourself and others. You will learn how to build a successful T.E.A.M. to support your success.

Contact Coach Laura to schedule your FREE Potential Skills Inventory or go to FREE Downloads page to get the worksheet.




Planning for Success - You will walk away with a short-term and a long-term road map for your future. This will include:

*A 5-Year Potential Identity Creation (P.I.C)

*S.M.A.R.T. Goals to keep a forward focus for your path to  success

*Strategies to:

*take control over excuses

*identify and eliminate false challenges

*create solutions to overcome real challenges


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