SWAT Writing and Publilshing Camp

Our Purpose


The S.W.A.T. Book  Writing Camp's  purpose  is to Motivate & encourage aspiring authors to write and publish books using their knowledge and expertise.

We do this by equipping them with writing and publishishing  tools and information in order to become confident and successful authors.


What is the S.W.A.T. Camp?


  • S.W.A.T. stands for Serious Writers' Accountability & Training Camp

  • Writers' training camp with a goal of producing and publishing a  non-fiction book (self-help, how-to, devotionals, memoirs, etc...)

  • Designed to take aspiring authors from imagination to creation in a guided group setting

  • We offer two-day camps to catapult aspiring authors into the writing and publishing phase using interactive methods in a fun and lively environment. If you'd like to host a two-day camp in your area contact me today for more information.