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For REAL relationship advice, forget the emptiness of 50 Shades of Gray, and check out 51 1/2 Shades of Brown ~The Not-So-Perfect Tales of a Picture-Perfect Marriage.​

51 ½ Shades of Brown is a collection of colorful, candid, humorous, and sometimes scandalous tales of an imperfectly-perfect marriage masterpiece.​

Learn from 51 1/2 stories about Real Life Commitment and lessons Wayne and Laura learned through joy and pain, successes and failures, and victories and defeat!

Perfect for engaged or newly-married couples (or for those thinking about getting married)

The 51 1/2 Shades of Prayer Coloring Book is designed to be a companion to 51 1/2 Shades of Brown—The Not-So-Perfect Tales of a Picture-Perfect Marriage book. Each picture has a “shade” - lesson learned from a story in the book. While you can certainly find some enjoyment from coloring and praying the scriptures, you will miss a vital piece of understanding the included  “shade” without reading the story first.

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